Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Once again back is the incredible

I'm not incredible but I am back. Been limited to internet use at work(blocked) and on my phone (lame). The main thing on my mind right now is building something from the ground on up. Truly making something out of nothing. With the exception of graduating college, I really can't think of something I made out of nothing. And even with that, I was definitely helped by wonderful people along the way. Having just read the last two sentences, I just realized I've actually never built something out of nothing.

The task at hand is building a party from the ground up without already having somewhat of a following. With the exception of my homie Mista B, the rest of us do not have a record of smashing clubs around town. I'm honestly really just starting out and my other friend A.M. Almighty has kinda been playing the low lately.I am determined to not let this stop us and making sure that this party will work. Trust-Us Jones, the party shall survive.

This is going to entail alot more work than I ever would have thought. Personally, I'm all about not talking about things and just doing them, however this is something I don't feel I have the pleasure to fail at, and that is why I may bring you along for the journey. It will work.

I have got a strong team and it will be done the right way. So if you hear about a PLAYDATBEAT party, give us a chance and we guarantee you good chunes, good people and good vibes. Money back guarantee.

Stay Cool,

Here's a couple joints I played that night
Michael Jackson-Pretty Young Thing Demo (U-Tern Edit)

Ice Cube-No Vaseline

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