Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy Friday irritates the hell out of me. It makes me realize that I go through my workweek just to get through to the weekend. I don't feel like I'm making a difference. I don't feel enriched. I don't feel proud. I don't feel all that fluffy stuff they tell me about thinking about 'the patients'. 'The patients' really? At my job, none of us ever have contact with actual patients. Maybe the Doctor's assistant who has talked to the patient but that's as close as I get. And using this 'think about how many patients we help' ploy is how they get us to keep churning out work. (Keep in mind I work for a medication that helps patients not sweat. Working a cancer drug would be another ordeal).

Time to make a change y'all. Because I definitely don't want to be in the same situation I am in now five years from now. Shouldn't the workweek be fun too? This is something that I've been working on from 230-930. To make my time off as enjoyable as the weekend. But getting through the 600-230 is what's been irking me lately. I need my workweek to be enjoyable. Maybe not to the same extent as the weekend, but it damn be close. And my 9-5 grind is getting the best of Young Benny.

Time to make change
Gotta actively look for openings
Volunteer to get more experience
Do whatever to get where we want to go

I think I'm gonna fall back now because I'm glad to have a job in these times.

Top 3 Getting off work and ready for the weekend Jams
1. Michael Jackson-Off The Wall
2. Janelle Monae-Letting Go
3. Johnny Kemp-Just Got Paid

Extra special shout out to the people around me who make office life fun and to the 3rd floor people who keep my outlook inbox full with fun stuff.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"You be the baseball and I'll be the batta" Hugh-EMC

SO ILL!!! A San Francisco Classic


Personally, with the exception of Rick Rock and Droop-E affiliated tracks I couldn't get down with most of the hyphy stuff that went down in the bay these last few years. But I'm all about everything proto-hyphy(TM). Don't let the fat gold chain and the fuzzy Kangol fool ya. This is Mob at it's finest. Frisco flamoboastin over a mean bassline. Scratch nerds'll recognize the beat from Dirtstyle. Older hood dudes'll probably recognize it from being played at a party that someone was shot at. The kids will probably be mad because they can't go dumb to this. And random rap fans will probably be mad because they have drop $100 for his old CD.

Shout out to Sydney

Monday, April 27, 2009

Cruisin' the streets.

With summer almost creeping up and the nice weather out here in the bay it's time to bring out the old schools and go out for a cruise. Whether it be on 4th of July weekend, picnics, drive ins, or just a stroll around the hood.
So with my first post i dedicated it to cruisin' jams we can all get down to and cruise along with. So polish up your cars and get ready for some hot summer days.

First we have a super oldschool classic all of us have heard before.

William DeVaughn's Be Thankful For What You Got

Next we have the remake to Smokey Robinson's Cruisin' done by of coarse D'Angelo

D'Angelo - Cruisin'

Lastly i wanted to add a track that has no significant meaning but it has that Cruisin tempo either way it's a dope track that i believe most of you haven't heard before.......when you hear it you'll probably feel like you've heard it before the reason why i say that is because it sounds like a knock off to Isaac Hayes Walk On By.

Karen Small - To Get You Back Again

That concludes the post hope you enjoy.

Robo-Babe Super Jawn

Daughter of cool dude Lenny Kravitz and way more awesome dudette Lisa Bonet. The pictures will more than suffice. Coolguys in LA and NY, keep thy eyes peeled for she is in your area and hangs around dorky regular dudes.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Funky Introduction of How Nice I am

"Hey Kyle man, I will do nothing to compromise the quality of my cookies.. If you notice anything different, any inconsistencies with the taste, texture, anything- you let me know personally"- That's what Anthony said to me the day before the grand opening of Anthony's Cookies on Valencia in SF. I was like DAYAM!, what a dude. I've never seen anybody as dedicated and passionate about making cookies as Anthony is, while being super-friendly at the same time.

So I show up at the grand opening, and the place was all kinds of packed with all kinds of folks. So after getting their cookies and Odwallas or what not, some were just hangin around the store for a couple minutes then Anthony comes to the front counter and yells, "Hey ya'll I just wanted to say how nice it is to see everybody enjoyin themselves here at Anthony's Cookies." And I was thinkin "Damn! Anthony ain't bullshittin"- he is really a genuinely nice, decent human being, which is rare these days.

Since I just wasted about 2 minutes of your time explaining how nice Anthony is, imma tell you what I got from him: 3 Cookies n Cream 2 Wht Chocolate and 2 chocolate Chip cookies. Boy lemme tell you none of these survived the trip home- and I live in Pacifica, which is just about 10 minutes away. All of em are pretty official but the Cookies & Cream one stands out the most- If you blend an oreo milkshake from Jack in the box with a McFlurry on a good day and pop it in the oven, you get a cookies & cream cookie from Anthony's. Best $5.50 I've spent since $5 wednesdays at Roaring 20's.

Hey look its Anthony.. and he's still smilin
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25th & Valencia, SF

Tell your mother tell your father send a telegram

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Raphael Delaghetto Namesake Part Dos

3 posts in one evening. What can I say? I'm kinda geeked about having a blog.
I wanted to bless you all with some of my favorite random tracks from the blogs namesake. Sorry guys you might have to copy and past the links into your broswer. But don't fear i'm gonna learn this blog game soon.

First I bring you former Toni Toni Tone front man and the Bay Area's own RAPHAEL Saadiq.


This was automatically me and my girls cut as soon as we heard it. Cj's vocals are super buttery warm and it's a wrap when Raphael introduces Stevie to play on 'HIS ALBUM' ala Dizzy playing on Stevie's Do I Do. It was a great surprise, having again just seen Raphael live but not knowing who CJ was, to see that he is Raphael's back up singer and upcoming artist.

Next is my second favorite rap group ever, DE LA Soul. All Dave and Pos do is the chorus and ask some questions. The rhyme is all a kid named Jeff.
Get familiar
"I have a curfew she says to me,
I'll take you home
look hun you'll see" -Jeff

Lastly I don't have a favorite artist, group,movie,book,restaurant,comic book, coloring book, manual,hat,shirt or anything called GHETTO. So I'll leave you all with that other rap song about the ghetto.

The Raphael Delaghetto Namesake

My dude Geoffery murked this.

What's up party people

(clears throat) My names Benny and I have decided to start a blog. Expect rap snacks,snapbacks and knapsacks. I want to get some others to contribute as well so y'all won't get so bored of my yapping.

Over and out,